BXFS-03 Boxing Fetish Series 3: Pretty Girl Boxer Nanami Maeno


Title: Boxing Fetish Series Vol. 3 - Watching Over a Female Boxer

This work is the third installment of a boxing fetish series that focuses on a single female boxer. It is dedicated to boxing fans who watch over and pray for the success of this female fighter. You will be the "eyes" of those surrounding her, mainly her cornermen, as you watch her in action. This time, the focus is on Nanno Mae, who replaces the previous heroine. Her opponent is the rookie fighter, Mio Ichijo. Although Mae has more experience, unexpected difficulties arise...? Please watch over Mae's success as her cornerman. Don't miss the trust and affection she has for you, her second!

You and she have come this far together, so why not stay with her in the ring...

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