FGV-19 Fighting Girls Volume.4 2012.5.5 QueenOfAkihabara Opening Match


Recorded live: 4 matches at once! May 5th, 2012... Let's determine who is the strongest in a live match.

On May 5th, 2012, Fighting Girls (FG) held their tournament, "Fighting Girls 4 QueenOfAkihabara," which featured intense battles from FG4 to FG6, all fully recorded. Watch the thrilling fight of beautiful women competing in the ring with professional wrestling techniques to determine the victor!

We, the Fighting Girls, declare that we will return to the fans' desired roots and distinguish ourselves from previous events! "Women in ring costumes fighting with pro-wrestling moves to determine the winner." There are many catfight events, but is that what the fans really want? Do they desire women to fight in frilly clothes that seem to be more about the women's self-satisfaction? Is it what the fans want for them to play around while giggling? Is it what the fans want for events to be focused on comedy? No, the fans do not desire that. They want to see women in ring costumes showing off their body lines, fighting with effort and determination, and always with a clear winner. They want to see it up close. We, the Fighting Girls, hereby declare that we will return to the fans' desired roots and distinguish ourselves from previous events.

May 5th, 2012, FightingGirls4 QueenOfAkihabara opening match! "QueenOfAkihabara" is FG's first official tournament, where the "strongest" is determined live, without excuses. It will be held across three events, from FG4 to FG6. The first match of the inaugural FG tournament, "Fighting Girls 4 QueenOfAkihabara Opening Match," was held on May 5th, 2012. This DVD records the event's highlights, including FG rookie players and players from other organizations. The opening match heated things up! Who is the strongest? You'll witness it in front of your very own eyes.


Start time: 4:00 PM

Match 1: Babylon Mina vs. Mask de Chocolat
The first match features the high tower fighter Babylon, a rookie in FG with a remarkable physical stature of 180cm, and the mysterious SSS female director, Chocolat, who has a high wrestling IQ. It's a highly anticipated battle between FG's exaggerated giant and the SSS director! Who will leave a mark on the venue and come out victorious?

Match 2: Konomi Yuka vs. Fairy Jun
Konomi, a wrestler with a high reputation in the industry and participating in the battle as a representative, goes up against Fairy, an idol wrestler with a cute look and voluptuous bust, and a rookie in FG. Can the beautiful representative of the battle move on to the BIG title, or will the FG beauty wrestler take down a major player?

Match 3: Bomber Himeshima vs. Watanabe Aki
Bomber, who made a stunning debut in the FG opening match, faces off against Watanabe, a talented fighter sent in as the wrestling beauty stars representative for Pink Cafe Ore. Bomber, who gained experience in external matches, stands in the way of the wrestling beauty stars representative! This is FG's mat! We won't let you do as you please forever!

Match 4: Dragon Kyoko vs. Arayama Hikaru
The final match features Dragon, a genius wrestler who made a shocking debut in FG3 and continues to evolve, and Arayama, who is FG's ace and leads the group with her ability, looks, and popularity. It's a shocking card where both representatives of FG collide in the first round! The pride of both wrestlers clash as they bet on the position of the group's ace!

FG Representative Greetings
Two-shot photo session.

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