FGV-21 Fighting Girls 3 Big Ace Showdown Channel Clips Catfight 1


High-level fights by top fighters of FG recorded in 3 matches!! Recorded matches at the Fighting Girls' dojo!! Achieving more intense battles than live events!! The participants are all skilled fighters that FG is proud of, and this is a luxurious version recording three matches!! It's a must-see for FG fans!!

We, the Fighting Girls, declare here that we will return to the origin that fans desire and distinguish ourselves from previous events! "Beautiful women wearing ring costumes, fighting with pro wrestling techniques, and deciding the winner." There are many catfight events, but is that really what fans want? Is it what fans want for women to fight in frivolous clothes that only satisfy themselves? Is it what fans want to play and joke around while laughing? Is it what fans want for the event to focus on comedy and just get by on the spot? No, fans do not want that. What fans want is to see fights where body lines show in ring costumes, even if the fighting is clumsy, the hard work is conveyed, and the result is clear. Isn't that what they want to see up close? We, the Fighting Girls, declare here that we will return to the origin that fans desire and distinguish ourselves from previous events.

Three chosen goddesses dance fiercely and beautifully in the ring!! 3 dojo matches recorded. Fighting Girls not only hold live events but also training and dojo matches!! This DVD records those matches, but this time, three fighters who are popular and skilled, and who FG is proud of, have gathered together to fight each other. We will deliver the scene where they learn from each other through their battles!! The contents of each match have a different flavor, and the quality is very high, so it is highly recommended!! And this match may have an impact later on..."

Dragon Kyoko VS Hitomi Aragaki: Hitomi, who is about to face Dragon, possesses the momentum of a rising dragon. The fight style brings out each other's strengths, making it a thrilling match that only these two can produce. The battle is full of throws, joint techniques, and emotional clashes, making it a must-see event. With players of this caliber, the future of FG is secure. It's a swinging match!

Shinoda Hikaru VS Dragon Kyoko: These two have a history of facing each other in an event in the past. At that time, Shinoda unexpectedly fainted for real in front of the fans. With revenge in mind, Shinoda aims to defeat Dragon and regain her position as FG's ace. The battle is more intense than it looks, accumulating damage that will excite martial arts fans. It's a must-see showdown between aces with a lot of stakes on the line.

Hitomi Aragaki VS Shinoda Hikaru: Hitomi, a pro wrestler, is entrusted with FG's ace. Shinoda wants to show Hitomi the difference in their skills, but Hitomi's ability is surprisingly excellent, causing Shinoda to struggle. Hitomi fights in the FG style, and as a senior and FG's ace, Shinoda can't afford to lose. She uses powerful throwing techniques, but can she make a successful shoot? The fight is to instill FG's style of fighting into the newcomer. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

BCWB-02: Everyone must have thought at least once, "If this work had my favorite scene, it would be even better!" "This outfit would be better!" "How about a movement that hasn't been seen before?" "I would be more moe if the setting were like this situation!" This work allows customers to purchase the right to participate in the production process before filming, clearly express their opinions, and create a special work that represents the customer's side.

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