BX-59 FGI02 Commemorative Match Yue vs Nozomi Arimura


Beautiful women with beautiful looks dance in the ring! It's the BWP vs. FGI exhibition match, but this fight cannot be missed!!

YUE is a legendary superstar representing the industry!! With her extraordinary looks and style, high flexibility and strong physique, calmness and unique techniques, she is an absolute force to be reckoned with, and a BATTLE heavyweight champion who proves her skills. Her LIVE fight comeback is undoubtedly linked to the resurgence of BWP's momentum!!

Nozomi Arimura, with her mysterious beauty and seductive attacks, has risen to become a Fighting Girls Champion. Her small body was initially a disadvantage, and she struggled in some fights, but she has significantly improved her skills and gained more experience in battles. She possesses some unique skills and strengths, making her capable of reversing the flow of a fight at any time. This time she faces off against a charismatic opponent!

A one-on-one battle with soul! A divine match without any excuses! In the story of the industry's competition, two fierce warriors who continue to perform at a leading role level will finally have their first encounter!!! Both of them are technically proficient, and the fight progresses smoothly until the end. As the textbook-level battle continues, they gradually become more poisonous in their attacks as they try to take each other down...!! While YUE is charismatic, Nozomi relentlessly attacks and gradually ignites her engine, weaving in dirty tactics to crush her opponent! What unexpected ending will result from this back-and-forth battle?! Don't miss this divine match for fans!!!

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