STN-13 Team Competition Vol.13 SSS vs FGI Mio Ichijo vs Himari Ayase


Miracle Series 13, making the dream matchup a reality! Promising players face off!
Among the eccentric SSS members, Ichijo Mio shines brightly with her rapid growth. Now, she challenges a team competition!!
Her opponent is the FGI's assassin, Ayase Himari, who has experience in LIVE fights. Many fans are drawn to her sweet looks and strong fighting spirit!! While SSS and FGI currently have a cooperative relationship, they are still from different organizations!! At first glance, it may seem like a fight between cute girls, but the battle is intense and spicy!! The fight showcases the intense skills of these highly anticipated fighters!

Both of them have a sweet, sister-like personality. However, they also have a very serious side and fight with the desire to win on the ring!!
Their technique exchanges are certainly wonderful!! But the most important thing in this fight is their heart!! The moment when their spirits break is not to be missed!!!

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