ABD-5 Beautiful Fighter M Man Domination 5


A striking beauty fighter with natural combat sense unleashes her ferocity on a pitiful male fighter!!

She uses her outstanding kicking technique to toy with and kick down men like puppets...
Despite her cute looks, the striking sense of the natural-born beauty fighter, particularly the power of her kicks, is unparalleled. In this match, the incomparable beauty fighter "Kashiwagi Suzu" faces off against a male fighter who has no chance. He is kicked, punched, and submitted to, helpless against her.
Kashiwagi shows off her overwhelming power and mercilessly inflicts pain on the male fighter. Even if his face is covered in bruises and his fighting spirit has diminished, there is no end to his suffering. The power of life and death lies in her hands...

She enjoys weakening men with her favorite striking techniques!! Her terrifying high kick explodes!!! The beautiful fighter who thoroughly trashes the middle-aged fighter!! The natural-born genius beauty fighter who mercilessly beats down men with her striking sense!! The goddess who was born to slaughter men delivers her hammer blow! This is just the beginning, as she dominates the men in stand-ground combat!!! Her powerful punches are delivered one after another!!! She uses every means of attack to torment the man!! And then she beats him up even more over his blue bruises!!

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