BRE-02 BATTLE Pro Wrestling Idol Chronicles 2


Active Idol x Professional Wrestling

The cast is strictly limited to active idols only!! And those two will step into the ring to fight in professional wrestling!! Such a rare work appears from the long-established battle!! Active idols who are usually active on TV, photo shoots, image DVDs, and more. Here are their serious fights!! You have never seen such idols before!! We captured their expressions, costumes, and appearances that you can't see anywhere else. We will show you their dignified appearance that will look fresh to the fans and be a starting point for those who are not.

Active idols compete in a pro-wrestling match against each other!!

Reon Ogawa
A fair-skinned perfect beauty!
Heals with her cheerful smile~
An active model and talent who has a dazzling angel-like smile that always full of energy. She is a purebred beauty from Osaka.

Natsuki Higurashi
She captures your heart with her sexy body!
A current race queen from Osaka who has appeared in numerous famous car races and held photo shoots. She has a characteristic tantalizing body and a sexy gaze.

Both are novice active idol showdowns!! While Higurashi, who declares herself strong-willed when she takes the give-up, is in contrast to Ogawa's preference for orthodox 3 counts. Which hand will determine the victory or defeat?! The two are awkward but putting in all their efforts to execute techniques. The Kansai-style taunting livens up the venue!

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