SWA-03 SSSGP 2nd Season - SSS CHRONICLES WAR Vol. 03


The fight evolves into a different dimension!!
First match... Sayaka Mizuno VS Nanaka Kawase
The long-awaited rematch between bitter rivals! Mizuno, who was defeated in a fierce battle against Nana Saeki in WAR Vol.02, is returning to the ring once again for a match that she couldn't achieve before. Kawase Nanaka, who declared victory in SSSGP, remembers her own miserable defeat in the ring. The super popular player Kawase Nanaka returns to the SSS ring and aims to return to the original fighting style with the emotional outburst gifted by C. Ronaldo, counting the number of great matches. How many matches are there in the industry where they fight while crying and clash with emotions!? Mizuno Sayaka will show her last stand and the true meaning of being a cat!!
Second match... Asami Yukino VS Nana Kunimi
The highly difficult and powerful suplex moves are finally realized in SSS!! The SSS home-grown player, Nana Kunimi, inherited the "fighting spirit" by directly confronting Yuria Hidaka in Thunder Women's Pro-Wrestling Vol.02. And the ultimate destination she has reached is the first in history!! It is a German suplex or a fisherman's suplex!! As for Asami Yukino, she is a talented SSS rookie, but can she endure this difficulty!? This match will be a prelude to a new challenge for skill and quality improvement gifted by C. Ronaldo. SSS, which boasts the highest peak in Japan, will show its true colors!!

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