SWA-06 SSSGP 2nd Season – SSS CHRONICLES WAR Vol. 06


Junior generation!!! Shocking talent!!

First match: Anri Kawato vs Maki Mitsutani… The traditional wrestling. For SSS, which is always evolving, the traditional style is also constantly changing. In this match, two of SSS’s most promising prospects will compete in a flagship match, betting on the honor of the Junior generation. Anri Kawato, who defeated legends and rose to stardom, will fight against Maki Mitsutani, who won the 1Day Tournament and then showed her true potential as a full-fledged wrestler. Her small body unleashes a barrage of big moves, no longer looking like a newcomer. They are at the forefront of the times! Continue to evolve! Prove your true worth! The determination of the new generation to headline a match based on their abilities is the true essence of SSS! The time has come to prove the high level of SSS’s homegrown talent! They will show a level of battle that will far surpass the existing generation by simply being classified as the Junior generation! There are already enough evaluations from their seniors! The cutting-edge fight that can only be done by those who have been purely cultivated in SSS, from basic techniques like the Manji Hold and Body Slam, to advanced moves like the Romero Special and German Suplex, will heat up the match! How can such power come out of a small body? Everyone in the industry will envy Mitsutani’s unbelievable talent…! Striking is also a very important means of attack, not just throws and joint locks. There may be body punches, elbows, and even attacks to the groin. Fouls are also part of the fighting methodology! Anri Kawato, who has grown tremendously since the last match and has become more serious, and Mitsutani, who continues to train without being arrogant about her talent, have created a great match here!! Everyone will be breathless watching this match, which is at the level of the industry’s top players!!

Second match: Rina Fukada vs Aya Sakuraba… The grudge match is back!!! WUW’s ace, Rina Fukada, has finally challenged SSS with all her might!!! Which is the strongest style? How will Aya Sakuraba, SSS’s representative who has a girlish and lovely charm, stand up against Fukada, who has a tall physique and an advantage in everything? But, amazingly, Sakuraba stands up like a zombie!! Even after receiving powerful blows, cruel throws that try to cut off consciousness, and joint locks that bend her body in impossible directions, she stands up again…! The outcome of this battle cannot be missed…!!! All or nothing…

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