ADP-11 Domination Pro-Wrestling Story 11: Aya Kasugano


A series that views a single story from multiple perspectives! This time, the focus is on the fight of Kasuganoa!

Kasuganoa, a super-promising rookie wrestler with a bright future, suffers a one-sided defeat at the hands of her senior, Misaki Sugisaki. She receives two rounds of training, which are actually domination sessions, grows stronger, and successfully takes revenge against Sugisaki with a glorious victory! This work mainly extracts and records Kasuganoa's scenes of being abused. It is a masterpiece dedicated to Kasuganoa mania, the second in the Kasuganoa vs. Sugisaki three-part series of domination wrestling stories. It is a content-rich and cost-effective work! Please check it out!

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