AGB-01X Girls' Boxing Survival Tournament Complete Preservation Edition


Each final match is recorded in its entirety from the start of the game to the end! Four girls spark against each other for the throne! The rule is to knock down the opponent in 10 counts to win. Because it is a weight class-free, openweight division, women from different weight classes collide with each other! Aim for the top and sink the girl in front of you onto the canvas! Punches with speed are thrown at the abdomen and face, spitting out mouthpieces along with saliva, and scattering sweat... regardless of their height and tactics, the women aim for victory greedily! Who will survive two almost back-to-back matches and grab the glory!? The highlights of each game are recorded in a digest! All final matches are recorded in their entirety!

Girls, win and drive straight to the throne in one day! The first and second matches are the highlights! The intense final match is recorded in its entirety!

[Recorded matches]
- AGB-01 "Girls Boxing Survival Tournament Vol.1"
Finally, a one-day boxing tournament is held by Akibacom's production department! Ethnic beauty boxer Ai Shiraki, slim busty puncher Kaede Takizawa, slim idol boxer Riku Kozakura, and beautiful tall and high-skilled fighter Maya Sakamoto, unique and beautiful female boxers, gather and challenge a fierce survival tournament for survival! Who will win the fierce fight!?

- AGB-02 "Girls Boxing Survival Tournament Vol.2"
The long-awaited second volume is finally here! Four unique and beautiful women, including Asian beauty, mature beauty, spirited beauty, and busty beauty, compete in a survival one-day tournament! The four who are eager to win will fight against each other without hesitation, regardless of means! The final match is particularly notable and intense! That last scene is sure to be burned into your memory forever!

- AGB-03 "Girls Boxing Survival Tournament Vol.3"
The long-awaited third volume also brings together four unique and beautiful women! In the first match, the No.1 boxer Tsuruno with indomitable spirit clashes against Sakurai. In the second match, the powerful puncher Ishikawa faces off against the slender Arisawa. All of them have absolute confidence in their own strength and a strong will not to lose! All matches have unpredictable outcomes that will make your heart race!

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