BCMC-34 Custom Match CATFIGHT 34


A sharp content born from a single desire, packed with the wish of just one person!
This time, it's a long-length custom story with the same content throughout!

There are as many desires as there are people, each with their own unique variety. If this content speaks to your heart, you will surely become an irreplaceable friend...!!

Bring your own fighting world to life with a custom order!!
This work is completely different from the pre-custom match series, which compiles the requests of customers who purchase the right to specify scenes, settings, and costumes into one video. In this case, customers are given the opportunity to specify a complete match within a limited time, making it easier to realize their personal fantasies. Normally, to release it as a product, it would require a corresponding recording time, so we would add a match that is similar to the customer's custom concept. However, we put together a single work by taking advantage of the customer's created story and making it a long-length video by purchasing multiple shooting frames on the battle side.

Cutey Kaori (Kaori Shiina), a veteran wrestler of a certain pro wrestling organization, is going to spar with a new trainee (Meiri Tsuji), but this trainee is an incredible wrestler who attacks before the match and won't stop even after the match is over!! The customer is a gentleman who requested to make the trainee's appearance as close as possible to that of a famous fighting game character but does not want the wrestler to wear arm-wrestling protection out of consideration for the wrestler's safety. Despite this, the content of the match is domination, creating a gap. In addition to specifying the performance plan for the cast, the customer even specified the camera angles, such as not shaking the camera during strikes, making it a truly custom video that is rarely seen in battle works!

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