BHLJ-01 Women's Pro Wrestling Unconventional Lumberjack Death Match 01


The curtains open for an inescapable fight in the ring surrounded by dangerous men!!

A new match with special rules is here! And it's a special edition for the first match?! Super famous and high-level fighters, Tsukasa Nagano and Azusa Misaki, compete using erotic attacks as their main form of offense, in a non-standard lumberjack deathmatch where even if any part of their body touches the ropes or corner posts, they will be unilaterally attacked by powerful men! Regardless of the flow of the two fighters' match, the fear of suddenly being attacked by external forces and the psychological grotesqueness of fighting while fearing and feeling terror from the unbeatable men is a must-see!

No room for carelessness!! Take advantage of the rules and deal massive damage to your opponent!!

Two parts with changing endings recorded!! Both fighters suffer humiliating defeats!!

To avoid being caught in a perfect technique, one must grab the ropes, but doing so will result in unrelenting attacks from the strong men, creating a dilemma. Should one chase the men's attacks or seize the chance for a single comeback? With strategic options such as participating in the men's attacks or focusing on recovery, a completely different style of fighting is required! Of course, if either fighter touches the ropes, both will be punished, so they must move skillfully to avoid digging their own grave! It's clear that letting the men attack is overwhelmingly advantageous. Use your strength, technique, intelligence, and wit to surpass your opponent and snatch victory with all your specs!!

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