BHLJ-04 Women's Pro Wrestling Unconventional Lumberjack Deathmatch 04


The curtain opens on a fight with no escape in a ring surrounded by dangerous men!! This is the 4th installment of a match with innovative rules!! Two beautiful busty fighters, Yume Ayakawa and Miku Kurusu, compete with erotic attacks as their main weapon, but in this irregular lumberjack deathmatch, if any part of their body touches the ropes or corner posts of the ring, they will be unilaterally attacked by the powerful men!! Regardless of the flow of the two fighters' match, there is a terrifying fight where the situation can change with just one external attack!! While the strong female warriors fight desperately to prove that they are superior to their female opponents, they are always afraid of the men who they can never match, and the psychological eroguro (erotic grotesque) of fighting while feeling fear is a must-see!!

Beware of complacency!! Using the rules to their advantage, they can deal great damage to their opponents!!
Two parts of the match are recorded with changing endings!! Both sides suffer humiliating defeat!!

To escape from a perfectly executed technique, they must grab the ropes, but the dilemma is that if they do so, they will be unilaterally attacked by the powerful men. Should they pursue a counterattack or take the chance for a reversal...? There is a wide range of tactical options, such as participating in the men's attacks or trying to recover from fatigue, and this requires a completely different way of fighting than before! Of course, if both fighters touch the ropes, they will be punished, so they must maneuver skillfully to avoid digging their own grave! In any case, it is self-evident that it is overwhelmingly advantageous to let the men attack. By surpassing their opponents in strength, technique, intelligence, and inspiration, they can seize victory!!

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