BKPB-01 Boxing with Girlfriend in Private 01


Happy and Embarrassing Lovey-Dovey BOX! A mania video unfolding in a private shoot.

I asked my girlfriend to do boxing with me! We rented a ring studio, and she came dressed in her boxing gear. It was a dream space where the two of us could have a match alone together! As lovers, we had a unique sense of distance, and the fetishistic desire of a male-female confrontation combined to create a reality boxing video.

In the first video, a orthodox beautiful girl, Ariia Narumiya, appears! They exchange punches, but in the end, she is overwhelmed and surrenders to her boyfriend. In the second video, Mami Sora participates as the girlfriend! With her impressive attack power, she sinks her boyfriend into the mat and crushes his male pride! The videos express the contrast between the lovey-dovey atmosphere at the beginning and end and the intensity of the match in between.

It's a video that visualizes the boxing play-life of men and women, pushing the feeling of a private shoot to the forefront.

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