BRV-03 BATTLE Pro Wrestling Idol Legend vs Male Wrestler 3 Natsuki Yokoyama


Active idol vs male wrestler in a wrestling match

Active idols will fight male wrestlers in professional wrestling!! Explore a new side of idols that you can't usually see in photo shoots or DVDs!? They will struggle against male wrestlers who have different genders and physiques!! In this work, we pick up "Natsumi Hibari," an active race queen who also participates in many famous car races! We will highlight Natsumi's charm by changing her clothes, swimsuits, and situations. We will be captivated by Natsumi, who radiates sex appeal from her whole body!! We will fall in love with her adorable figure as she struggles hard in pro wrestling against male wrestlers!! You can only see her here, where you can't see her anywhere else!
Natsumi, a beginner in pro wrestling, will fight against male wrestlers!! Her hesitant but hardworking attitude towards strong male opponents is adorable!! Her brave figure, which you can hardly see at the race track, will be highlighted. She will make male wrestlers suffer with her practiced camel clutch and half crab submission hold. However, she will be pushed back by the more experienced male wrestler and be in a pinch!!

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