BW-55 BWP NEXT 07 Performance


The 7th BWP Satellite Event aimed to constantly challenge and improve oneself. It has been proven through past battles that experience in matches and event appearances is directly related to strength. However, for players who debut later, they will never catch up to the top fighters who debuted earlier. Therefore, a new stage was prepared with a focus on players with less experience in matches and events. This is where they can hone their skills and climb the ladder to becoming a star.

The video recording of the BWPNEXT07 event, which was held on October 30th [SAT] at the Akiba Navi Space, is now available. This was an ambitious and fulfilling event that featured the first-ever tag match as an official match. After an intense fight between two debutants, the semi-final match featured a fierce battle between the BWP and the FGI & SSS Alliance, which escalated into a strong style match, while the main event led to a chaotic situation with a heated face-off between babyfaces and heels.

The event featured a new generation of players leaving their marks, from a match between two debutants to legendary tag matches. The first match was between highly acclaimed Hoshina and Hanamiya, who collided to leave their marks in a thrilling match. In the second match, FGI Junior's secret weapon, Mochizuki Risa, entered the fray, pitting against BWP Revolution Army's heavyweight wrestler, Aizuki Seria, in a class-difference match. The third match was a tag match between SSS and BWP, in which the SSS army was overwhelmingly stronger. Despite BWP's idol tag team's valiant efforts to fight back, they were forced to struggle throughout the rough fight. The outcome of the battle, which was fought with pride to protect the organization, was uncertain. In total, eight players appeared in this ambitious event, which was full of content and of high quality, making it an essential tournament to know the current flow of the industry.

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