BW-56 BWP Vol.56 BWPvsFGI Team Battle


BWP's experienced wrestler, Hoshina Sakura, has a clear advantage in terms of achievements, but FGI's rookie Nanaki's talent is incredible, leading to an even more exciting match than expected!

It was thought to be a matchup between the powerhouse of BWP and the rookie of FGI, but the ring shakes with the intensity of emotions and dynamic action in this inter-group battle! Hoshina Sakura, steadily building up her reputation and skills in Live Fight, faces off against FGI's Nanaki, a rookie overflowing with talent. Contrary to expectations that Hoshina would have the upper hand with her experience, the match becomes a heated battle of strength and skill! In the blink of an eye, the tide of the match changes with every move, and decisive techniques are executed! This unpredictable fight leads to two different outcomes! Don't miss the scenes of both wrestlers' humiliating defeats!

The outcome changes!!
Different outcomes in the same match! Enjoy the humiliation of both wrestlers' losses!
Two outcomes in the same match!! Recorded from various angles that make it seem like a completely different match, it's a delicious treat to watch!

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