CDM-01 Underground Fight Mixed Match 01


A ring placed alone in a bleak concrete-surrounded basement... where secret matches between men and women are held night after night... The desires of men and women who are not satisfied with just fighting or just entangling collide!

It's a dark and authentic mixed battle fuck held in an underground place that nobody knows about!!

Serious matching between men and women...! Matches are secretly held in a ring placed alone in a bleak concrete-surrounded basement at night... With no rules and in a space with just the two of them, it's inevitable that their feelings will intensify as their bodies touch...! The match gradually turns into a competition to see who can make the other cum first, and intense entanglements unfold on the ring!!

Toyonaka Alice
Against a male wrestler who attacks with erotic attacks from the start, Toyonaka tries to quickly win with a facesitting and blowjob attack! However, the male wrestler does not give up and the sex fight continues with a back-and-forth struggle of who can cum first!

Maeno Nana
Thinking it was a serious match, Maeno is exposed to sexual harassment attacks and is relentlessly attacked. However, Maeno, who is experienced in battle fuck, does not miss a moment of opportunity! With a continuous attack and defense reversal while inserting, the outcome of the match is unknown until the very end!!

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