CJKP-01 CFxFC Female Student Pro Wrestling Vol.1


Contemporary female high school students face off in a serious three-match pro wrestling bout wearing their own school uniforms.
They scream in agony as they experience the intensity of real pro wrestling moves!
The girls wear pained expressions on their faces.
Although they have been good friends since childhood, they do not want to lose to each other in this serious match!!

First Match:
Hina counters with her own attack and delivers her signature move, the Camel Clutch.

Second Match:
Hina fights back fiercely with her legs despite the damage from the first match.

Third Match:
Hina and Hinano struggle to stay in the game while exhausted. What is the deciding factor in this fight!?

Hina and Hinano have been close friends since childhood, partly because their names are so similar. They often played around in middle school by pretending to be pro wrestlers, and at that time, Hina was apparently the stronger of the two. However, Hinano seems to be confident in her strength now. Both of them are passionate about pro wrestling, not as catfighters or female wrestlers, but simply as regular female high school students. In this production that combines the two fetishes of "female high school students" and "catfight pro wrestling", the girls wrestle seriously on the ring in their school uniforms. We'll show you the girls' struggles as they are trapped in pro wrestling moves. (Directed by Aizawa of CF × FC)

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