DTU-06 Tokyo Underground 6


Naomi, the beautiful female warrior: A rising fighter popular for her beautiful looks, she excels at intense fights that contradict her appearance. In the secret club, there seems to be a system where members can take personal commemorative photos when fighting, and one male member treasures the beautiful fighter's pictures. This time, the fighter is the beautiful female warrior Naomi, whose fighting figure captivates everyone's attention.

Did you know there is a secret club in Tokyo?
This phrase we happened to hear sparked our investigative team's motivation. It is a secret club, a phantom place where people gather to play combat sports such as pro wrestling and boxing in Tokyo. Members contribute funds, and the club organizes matches with top opponents, and sometimes even between members. We were lucky enough to make contact with a man deeply connected to the industry, and we obtained the rights to sell the videos of the matches held in the ring. Of course, these were personal recorded videos of the matches he fought, and only a small part of them were allowed to be sold by us. It was truly underground...

Ceiling cameras project real fights!
This device often seen in mixed martial arts matches is also present in the secret club, where they use such cameras with elaborate ideas. The installed videos express the atmosphere of the place in a different dimension, and the sound of the breathing of the men and women can also be heard...

This time, the beautiful fighter "Naomi" participates in an underground fighting ring. She fights against men with fierce intensity that cannot be imagined from her looks. Everyone is captivated by the beautiful fighter, who engages in a fierce battle with the men, matching them equally in standing techniques and ground techniques. Moreover, in the erotic matches between men and women, she unleashes a lewd fight that seems to drain men's energy.

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