FGI-12 Fighting Girls International Team Battle: Kanae Kawahara vs Chiharu Nogi


The feud between FGI and BWP is escalating into a quagmire!! This time, the BWP army has invaded the FGI mat!! Our rising star, Kawahara, is expected to sacrifice the BWP army as we did in the previous match!! Let's move the times forward!!!!

After our successful invasion of the BWP mat in the previous match (Hoshino vs. Shiroyama), the angry BWP has sent new assassins to confront us, FGI!! We will face them with the talented and popular Kawahara Kanae, who has outstanding skills and potential since her debut!! We will win here and prove that we are the industry leaders, humiliating BWP!! The Triple Crown Champion and the belts of FGI and BWP belong to us, FGI. The times are with us!!!

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