IMT-03 Infinity X Unrestricted Class Tournament Final Match


Finally, the championship match! And the first-ever champion of the Infinity X Openweight division will be crowned!! It's a showdown between idol fighters, but the match is a fierce battle! Glory awaits the winner, and humiliation awaits the loser!

In the tournament to determine the first champion of Infinity X, we have reached the final match! The finalists are Mitsuki Nagisa and Kouna Ai, both petite and orthodox idol-type fighters. However, despite their cute appearances, they are both aggressive and competitive, with a strong desire to win.

This heroine battle is not a pure and innocent youth fight, but a fierce battle where their pride and determination clash! Although they are small in size, they have excellent technique and can make their opponents scream with their favorite submission moves, and sometimes even use humiliating techniques to inflict psychological damage!

This match has become a long endurance long match since the beginning of Infinity X. There are no illegal attacks, but it's a sadistic fight where they use everything they have to crush each other. The winner of this match will be granted the glory of being the first champion, while the loser will face humiliation!

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