KDS-10 Mixed Gender Loss of Consciousness Match - Male Win 10


Beautiful female wrestler vs powerful male wrestler!!! Two matches recorded with full effort to bring down the women!

Match 1: Aina Nagase
Aina, who also performs as a heel, can't display her true power in a location without weapons or a ring... She is easily caught and choked, and her expression of agony is something that all female wrestlers should learn from!

Match 2: Mio Hinata
Mio Hinata returns to the battlefield. Her feelings of pain, suffering, not wanting to lose, and frustration spill out of her eyes and represent the difficult-to-show emotions of agony on her face. The desire to strangle her opponent becomes stronger...

In professional wrestling, matches are usually fought between people of the same gender. This is because it is obvious that in a match between people of different genders, the man would have the physical advantage. Despite this absolute disadvantage, the female wrestlers recklessly challenged the male wrestlers to a fight, only to be easily caught and have their consciousness taken away repeatedly by the strong male wrestlers! This is a must-see for fans of ryona! 【By Misaka Tsukiji】

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