ND-02 Domination Space 2


Two female wrestlers become prey!
A masterpiece sent to the sadistic men who unilaterally attack women, produced by the mania label!

The women are forced to do breast polo and are completely defeated! Yokoyama endures intense pain as she is forcibly bent back into a powerful Argentine backbreaker!
Even if they're strong, they're just women. They can only prostrate themselves before a man's power!! The most satisfying part is seeing the arrogant women in their pathetic state!!

Welcome to a despairing space!!
This is a stimulating space for those who love to see female wrestlers lose and be humiliated. Once you come here, you can only admit defeat. The desires of maniacs are taking away their hope...!! Truly a domination space!!!

A great value package featuring two wrestlers.
Yokoyama Natsuki, who combines popularity and ability, appears! Her beautiful body and rich expressions are wonderful! In addition, this time, the real S-woman Natsume Reiko appears, increasing the importance of this work.

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