VKID-25 2016.8.27&28 Battle Birth Festival Special 2 Days Commemorative DVD "Special MIX Boxing Grocky"


This video work records the FGI-sponsored event held at Akiba Navi Space on August 13, 2022, showcasing the reconstruction efforts! Witness the five super-luxurious matches between FGI & SSS Allied Forces vs BWP!! FGI's charismatic leader, Momoa Momoka, returns to the LIVE fight and the tide changes significantly!! Retake the position of the industry's leader from BWP!!

The long-awaited return of Nagano in LIVE vs Ayase who wants to be freed from the nightmare of the last time, Makeno who wants to demonstrate her power as the BWP Ace vs Natsume who continues to improve her evaluation in SSS, Arimura who welcomes the new talent of BWP as the FG Champion vs Meguro who stepped up with her wonderful talent, and Shinmura vs Oto who became the highest card in both sexiness and violence!! A godly performance with six reigning champions and a total of 10 members including powerful players!! The main event is the clash of the two big charismatics, YUE and Momoa Momoka, with a swirling feud!! What will be the outcome of the match!? A festival in midsummer! Five matches that fans must see!!

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