AGB-02 Girls' Boxing Survival Tournament Vol.2


Four maidens, seize victory and charge towards the throne in one day!! A women's boxing tournament is here, where the champion will be decided in just one day! The four maidens will compete for the throne, with rules that require knocking out the opponent in 10 counts to win. With no weight classes, women from different classes will clash against each other. Aim for the top and knock down your opponent on the canvas! Speedy punches to the stomach and face will be thrown, mouthpieces will be spit out with saliva, and sweat will fly everywhere...height differences and tactics will be paramount! These women will relentlessly aim for victory, without any regard for their own safety! Who will survive two consecutive matches and claim glory!? We will bring you the full three matches leading up to the final, without a moment's rest!

Women's Boxing One-Day Limited Tournament
A battle without weight classes where class boundaries are crossed! The rules require knocking out the opponent in 10 counts to win. Who will survive two consecutive matches amidst the fierce attacks of the strongest fighters and claim the first place glory!?

Match 1: Karin Akagi vs. Kana Tsukino
In the first match, the fierce female boxer Karin Akagi will face off against the Asian beauty boxer Kana Tsukino. Akagi has stated that she wants to punch Kinoko, making Tsukino angry. However, Tsukino keeps her fighting spirit burning quietly without getting too agitated. The two evenly matched fighters will battle it out from the beginning. Akagi will try to attack with her strong body punches while Tsukino will rely on her powerful right hand. Who will be the winner!?
Tsukino is driven to the corner and is knocked out with a punch to the stomach!! She is defeated on the canvas!!

Match 2: Miki vs. Kii Kaneko
In the second match, the mature beauty boxer Miki will face off against the cute young boxer Kii Kaneko. Kaneko is struggling with Miki's feint punches and provocations but will try to corner her with her fighting spirit and perseverance that she developed through daily training. Both fighters will engage in a back-and-forth battle. Who will win, the veteran or the hard worker!?
Miki inflicts heavy damage on Kaneko's upper body, and Kaneko is sent flying with a powerful punch to the face from the tall Miki!!

The long-awaited second round is finally here! Four unique beauties, including the Asian beauty, mature beauty, fierce beauty, and busty beauty, will battle it out in a survival one-day tournament! The four women, who are hungry for victory, will do whatever it takes to win, and their fighting spirit is truly beautiful to watch! The final match, in particular, is breathtakingly intense! That last scene is sure to be etched in your memory forever!!

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