BGTJ-02 Fierce Topless Women's Boxing Vol. 02


Topless beauties fiercely and beautifully move their bodies in this second installment of topless women's boxing, where unrestrained women fight only to knock down their opponents! Rinku Kagura, who has qualified to participate in a live fight event, and Aizuki Seria, who has an outstanding figure and high potential, will determine the winner in the ring! The match between the two, who have both begun to demonstrate flawless strength, goes beyond the realm of just topless women's boxing and becomes a too intense development! Perhaps due to its intensity, the match splits into two paths...!? With A route and B route, each with different camera angles, even though it is the same match, you can enjoy it in a fresh way, with both sides' defeat and punishment scenes included in the content that is too good to miss!

The intense blows and the struggle for victory lead to an unexpected branching storyline!

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