BJRT-03 BATTLE Junior Tournament Finals


The tournament to determine the new junior class belt has finally reached its finals!!

The “Junior Class” title, contested by players under 155cm, was newly established and the tournament started off with both matches in the first round showcasing an unquestionably high level of performance!! Despite being in the Junior Class, the fighters proved that they were no less impressive than taller fighters and thus enhanced the value of the Junior Class belt!!

Finally, the finals are here!! Mitsuki Nagisa, a genius who defeated Meguro with overflowing talent, and Ichijo Mio, known for her superb strength in sinking Yuki on the mat, are clashing for pride!! The two beautiful girls put on a battle of strengths and agility with Nagisa creating a high-tempo match with her quick reflexes and Mio displaying her high flexibility in attacks, receiving her opponent’s attacks and returning them at exquisite timings to take the lead. The match gradually became more intense and emotional with the passage of time!! The compatibility between the two fighters is exceptional!! The hot, fierce, and glamorous strong style they displayed can only be described as a divine match of the BEST caliber!!

The high-level offense and defense are truly worthy of a final match!! Nagisa, who excels in aerial techniques and strikes, faces off against Ichijo who gives it her all in striking back!! Behind the strategy of using close-range techniques, one can feel the strong willpower of “not losing to you!!” shining through!! The match demonstrates a fine example of the Junior Class not relying solely on power but also showcasing complicated bending and throwing techniques.

This time it’s a one-on-one fight of the soul once again!!! The ruthless rule that the defeated must become the comfort of the victor still applies in the finals!! Who will protect the title of the first Junior Class champion and their pride in this match where the belt is on the line!?

It’s a showdown for the belt!!

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