BOT-02 Thunder Taker Returns Return.2



The fiendish man who thinks of women as nothing but prey has returned!! He dominates the ring today with his overwhelming strength!!
Who is Thunder Taker? In the world of "battle manga", he is a male chauvinist wrestler who takes supreme pleasure in thoroughly hurting women with his powerful muscles.

This century's most wicked fiendish man is holding a mad party!!!
The beautiful women struggle in agony as they roll their eyes and drool while being defeated by Thunder Taker, who possesses both a strong body and cruelty!!

The strongest and craziest fighter in battle manga, Thunder Taker, has returned!! With his body further powered up, he holds a frenzied feast that sends women wrestlers into a vortex of screams and agony!! Burn into your mind the decisive difference between men and women!! Even if they are strong, women are just women in the end. In the face of a well-trained man, their physical abilities are useless, useless, useless!! If they want to suffer that badly, I'll carve it into their bodies thoroughly!!

VS Ayayo Sayaka
Thunder Taker's sadistic desire ignites when he confronts Ayayo, who has both a loli figure and large breasts and seems like a quiet small animal with fair skin. He wants to grab her voluptuous chest roughly and make her scream...!!

VS Nakagawa Nozomi
The orthodox beautiful female wrestler is crushed by the sadistic man who ignores the rules!! Although objections can be heard, rules are irrelevant to this man!! The beautiful women only need to cry out for help and scream in agony...

VS Tsukioka Misaki
Thunder Taker's crisis!? He is pushed back by Tsukioka, who is tall and has strong arms. However, this man enjoys twisting arrogant women into submission...!!

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