BPJ-05 Invitation from the Temple of Temptation: Pro Wrestling MIX Tag Match Vol. 5 - Demonic Large Banquet


If you beat the "Bonnou Temple," you'll get a prize of 10 million yen!! A mixed gender tag team match began on the ring where desires swirled!

Paradise awaits the winner, but humiliation awaits the loser! Let's bet our pride and desire and get ready to fight!

What will be gained, glory or humiliation? The winner gets 10 million yen, but the loser... The evil and lecherous pro-wrestling group, Bonnou Temple, which has made many female wrestlers its prey. They have always won using cunning tactics, such as outnumbering their opponents two to one. However, the representative of Bonnou Temple, Kageyama, has recently grown tired of this and has come up with a plan for a mixed-gender tag team match between the temples. He prepared a bait, saying, "If you can beat the Bonnou Temple, you'll get a prize of 10 million yen." Two female wrestlers from the all-female temple, Daizan Temple, fell into the trap of the sweet prize money. They eagerly accept the challenge and try to win, but Kageyama smiles wickedly and tells them, "If you can beat us, we'll give you all the promised money and a motorcycle. However, if you lose...you know what will happen." The rotten lust and desire intersect on the ring now!

This is the 5th mixed gender match hosted by the ruthless group, Bonnou Temple!! Two beautiful wrestlers are blinded by the prize money and the bonus Porsche, and they challenge the Bonnou Temple!! At first, the female tag team thought it would be an easy win and attacked. However, when Kageyama got serious, the situation was quickly reversed, and they were defeated, experiencing the humiliation of fuck after being hit by one big move after another!

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