BWSC-01 Challenging Women's Swimsuit Sumo 1


The era where women are strong and beautiful

Women's sumo wrestling has been passed down from ancient times in Japan. In the midst of various opinions on women practicing sumo, this work proposes further evolution of women's sumo! We believe that fighting in a "cool" manner that emphasizes the beautiful form of women, without wearing a mawashi, which is a symbol of male dominance, can bring out the "charm that surpasses men" that only women can show. These women challenge sumo in swimsuits and leotards! Sumo girls are hot now!!

Ruria Ichinose
Breaking women's conventions is the beautiful white gal! Actually, she is very serious.

Haruka Misaki
Despite her small physique, she used to do gymnastics. She's older than her opponent.

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