GDJ-01 Tragedy of a Cross-Dressing Female Wrestler


“I want to become stronger than anyone else, even if it means giving up being a woman.”

Mao Ito hides her femininity to aim for the top and fights in the world of men’s professional wrestling. She conceals her chest and wears tight shorts, and goes by the name of Hikaru Ito to hide her true identity. With her strength and good looks, she gains popularity among female fans. However, the organization’s owner, who only pursues corporate profits, dislikes Mao’s pure pursuit of strength and sends his proud wrestler, Gamma, to crush her. But Mao defeats Gamma and boasts, “He wasn’t my enemy.” In a final attempt to crush her, the owner sends in Omega, an undefeated wrestler with superhuman strength.

Mao confronts Omega and attacks with her speed and kicks, but Omega remains unharmed and counterattacks. Mao is driven into a corner and tries to fight back, but her attacks are too weak to harm Omega, who relentlessly attacks her. Omega reveals Mao’s weakness by groping at her feminine areas during the fight, saying “You’re a woman.” Despite Mao’s desperate resistance, she is no match for Omega’s strength and is defeated.

As Mao collapses, the owner appears and declares that having a woman in the sacred ring is “guilty,” and that he will teach Mao that she is a weak woman. The tragedy in hell begins.

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