LABM-06 Mix Pro Wrestling Technique Laboratory 6


A woman continues to use wrestling moves on a man!! In this work, scenes of female wrestlers applying professional wrestling moves to male wrestlers are recorded without any unnecessary scenes, successfully showcasing the bravery and dignity of the women applying the moves, as well as the beauty of the moves themselves. Even pro wrestling fans will be satisfied!!

Showing the "moves" from various angles!!

Two strong women apply moves at will!! This luxurious setup allows for the enjoyment of both the beauty of the women's bodies and the way the moves are applied from every angle.

The beauty of the women's bodies, and the beauty of the moves applied to them.

Nana Imagami's supple skin tightens around the male wrestler!! Is it a hellish torment or a doorway to heaven?!
Sena Minami's power explodes!! The male wrestler is helplessly brought down to the mat!! She doesn't let go until she hears him say "give up"!!

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