SDF-03 Pro Wrestling DCF3


A collection of competitive works that stake their pride" sent by the promising SSS director. C.Ronald director descends once again!! Will not allow anyone to follow in this luxurious collaboration with battles!? Stay tuned!!

What is DCF? "SSS Wrestling DCF (DIRECTOR'S COMPETITION FIGHTING)" is a competition among SSS directors to compete for the seat of post-C.Ronald director, by confronting each other with their own abilities as works!! C.Ronald director descends once again!! Continuously with director Kazuhisa Fujibayashi, and newly joined director Fish Honda, they will reach the peak of chaos!! Enjoy comparing the works of these three luxury directors!!

Opening Match: Yuriko Mukai vs Anna Miyazaki
Director Kazuhisa Fujibayashi: "Dynamic, and with a faster tempo, I aimed for the SSS's royal road!! I think my 'One Push' Anna Miyazaki is a particularly talented player!!" Which one will stand after using a variety of techniques and exhausting their stamina?! Realize the powerful match that is said to be the successor of C.Ronald!!

Semifinal: Yuki Sugano vs Suzuno Mizumoto
Director Fish Honda: "I support women's wrestling. However, with an erotic gaze. Beautiful women wearing sexy or moe costumes, breathing heavily while exchanging techniques. That's everything. Intense fighting is not everything. That's what I think." A wild and sexy Mizumoto vs the natural moe-style beauty, Sugano, in a professional wrestling fight. Observe carefully the beautiful intertwining of these two and capture it on camera!! The looks of the players fighting are outstanding!!

Main Event: Lisa Goto vs Mio Wakui
Director C.Ronald: "This is a planned match in collaboration with Battle-san. They wanted to challenge Goto's belt with Wakui, no matter what. They also made various specifications, but once the match starts, it's up to the players to fight..." After suffering a humiliating defeat in FG3, a new star from Battle, who is the same as "Nakai", appears before Goto. The newcomer, who is pushed hard by Battle, is eager to challenge Goto's title, while the champion is in despair. A mysterious match, what will be the result of this battle!?

The third installment of the SSS director's competitive series features matches that make the most of each director's unique characteristics. Particularly noteworthy is the main event by director C.Ronald! B-1 title holder "Lisa Goto" participates as a stepping stone for further ambitions! The battle with the rising star, Mio Wakui, is a must-see!

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