SOX-02 Delusional MIX Boxing Vol. 02


Hana Kagami, with a beautiful, erotic, curvaceous body and stunning large breasts, appears in a fantasy mixed boxing match! Her tantalizing moans and sensual postures as she collapses onto the ring are sure to excite you. You'll feel your loins heat up as you witness her being dominated and having sex scenes!

For all the maniacs out there who love the sight of a busty beauty at the end of a match, your wait is over! This fantasy mixed boxing match contains ten different match-ending scenes. With a blend of elements such as rolling eyes, drooling, and fainting, the defeated faces and bodies are so tantalizing that it's impossible not to be "aroused" by the scenes. In addition to the match-ending scenes, regular match scenes are also included, and first-person point of view makes it even more realistic. During the sex scenes in the ring, the fighters wear swimsuits and gloves that accentuate their curves and will surely arouse boxing enthusiasts. The sight of the beautiful, smooth bodies moving in unison with their gloves will make you salivate!

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