SPU-07 Women's Pro Wrestling One-Day Tournament 7


Who will survive the harsh survival and win the glory of victory!? FightingGirls' ace, Hikaru Arayama, storms in!! The severity accelerates!! Who will be the honorable seventh tournament champion wrestler!?

What is FISH HONDA's "Women's Pro Wrestling ONE DAY TOURNAMENT"?
It is a harsh tournament format where the contestants fight until the final in one day. The rules adopt the usual regulations of no time limit, one fall match, with 3 count falls, submissions, and fouls prohibited. The tournament includes three matches: the first match, the second match, and the final match, in which the two winners compete. Who will grab the crown of victory after the severe fight?

Hikaru Arayama, a popular FightingGirls wrestler, storms into the stage of SSS where a new generation has begun to move!! After narrowly losing in the FG4 "QueenOfAkihabara Opening Match," Arayama is making a comeback!! The new SSS wrestlers are determined to fight back against the powerful external enemies after their fight in Pro Wrestling Mania vol.5!! The SSS stage intensifies even further. To gain fame as a top wrestler, shout out your victory at the top of this one-day tournament!! Don't miss the harsh survival of the three matches by the girls!!

First Match: Mysterious Fighter "Miyu Sakurano" vs FG's Ace "Hikaru Arayama"
Arayama, who reigns as the ace of the FG organization with her beautiful looks and popularity, confronts the SSS newcomer, Sakurano!! Will Arayama, who bears the name of her organization, win overwhelmingly by demonstrating the difference in experience and high potential, or will Sakurano defeat the popular wrestler with her guts?

Second Match: Busty Fighter "Hikari Arima" vs Gal Grappler "Konomi Ikawa"
This is a match between SSS newcomers. Ikawa confronts Arima, who sees only Arayama as her enemy, and sparks fly even before the match. The antagonism unique to the same grade ignites, and the exchange of techniques becomes extremely fierce!! Will Arima stop Ikawa's breath with her busty physique? Or will Ikawa's grappling techniques knock down Arima's momentum? Who will survive the survival competition!?

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