AJR-01 Female Sumo Wrestler Akibacom Place 1


Two stunningly beautiful women team up for a fierce sumo wrestling match!
Witness the battle of the beauty wrestlers!!
In this work, two beautiful women don mawashi belts and become female sumo wrestlers, training hard and ultimately facing off in a grand showdown. This is a unique and niche world where gorgeous bodies engage in sumo wrestling, brought to life by Akiba-Com!

After undergoing intense training with male opponents, the female sumo match finally begins!
In a battle between women, the desire to win burns brightly and fiercely!

Yukine Sakuragi
A beautiful wrestler with white, smooth skin, stunning breasts, and a shapely behind. With a determined look in her eyes, she takes on the challenge of sumo wrestling!
For someone of her small stature, sumo wrestling is a very difficult martial art. However, with her unyielding spirit and natural talent, Yukine takes on this challenge head-on... and her mawashi-clad figure is sure to excite!

Yuni Katsura
With an unmistakably powerful and beautifully voluptuous figure, she is the epitome of a female sumo wrestler!
Her immense breasts are the first thing to catch your eye. She uses her blessed pectoral muscles to showcase an aggressive fighting style! After honing her skills with male opponents, she faces off against Yukine with all her might, determined to come out on top!

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