BDKR-04 Secret Mixed Match Returns Vol.04


Secret mixed-gender wrestling matches have broken their long-standing silence and returned! Two talented female wrestlers thoroughly punish a cocky male wrestler! The three-part match includes two 1-on-1 battles and one 2-on-1 tag team battle. The entire match is a story-type MIX wrestling return that is full of highlights, including domination and erotic elements!

This is an erotic story that depicts the fate of male wrestlers who underestimated their female opponents or perhaps showcased their true abilities…

The super-talented Ichi Jo Mio, who combines both eroticism and cuteness, and the beautiful and sexy Fujii Reira battle against men in underground wrestling matches! The matches were supposed to be 1-on-1 battles, but when the men seemed likely to win, interference occurred, and the results were reversed! The woman who was about to lose, the man who lost, and both were dissatisfied, resulting in a non-standard 2-on-1 match! The overwhelmingly disadvantaged man lost this fight as well, becoming both a physical and emotional victim of the women… The men and women engage in a chaotic 3P battle on the ring! The battle has turned into a masterpiece of battle-fucking and mixed wrestling…!!!

The losers continue to spout bravado, but are ultimately humiliated and defeated by the female wrestlers!

Mixed-gender professional wrestling has returned!!

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