BSXZ-05 Sexy Women's Sumo Wrestling 05


A continuous exchange of momentary offense and defense! And two different endings that await!

Two bodies illuminated mysteriously in the darkness repeatedly clash in an ultra-sexy sumo match!!

Both the wins and losses of the two players are recorded in two different scenes, fulfilling everyone's "what-if" scenarios!

Talented and well-built Asamiya Chinatsu and energetic fair-skinned beauty Nana Ao challenge each other in a sexy sumo match! They collide with each other, wearing only loincloths on their tops! They slap each other's chests and grab each other's breasts when they lock each other in a close four-point stance. The match features too sexy moves that can only be seen between women, and they are repeated many times over! However, both of them are entirely serious, and the camera captures their scenes from the moment they put on their loincloths to their heated battle, with provocative angles. As the match progresses, their abilities become apparent, and the battle becomes even more intense. It seems that the powerful Asamiya has the advantage, but in an if scenario, both of them experience defeat, and the match comes to a conclusion.

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