BW-57 BWP 09 Holy War -Jihad-2021


A video production of the ninth event held on December 11, 2021 (SAT) at Akihabara NAVI SPACE!!

Will BWP make a complete comeback!? The peak of the tumultuous group competition!!

BWP raised the signal of counterattack in the August event hosted by FGI. FGI, whose banner was tarnished, teamed up with SSS for an all-out war!!

Can they showcase their own fight as a BWP event and regain the center of the industry!? A miracle event featuring a star-studded super luxury cast!!

A legendary event where super luxury champions and top fighters gather!!!

Beginning with the rookie match between Mochizuki, who gained fame in the NEXT event, and Kawa, the second match features the Extreme Title Match where SSS's secret weapon, Natsume, and the revolutionary warrior, Misaki, who has come back to life, battle it out!! In the third match, the new BWP champion, Maeno, who won the tournament, clashes with the super talented senior, Nagase, to showcase BWP's fight!! In the semifinals, the current FG champion, Arimura, faces off against the current B-1 champion, Otsu, in a sexy champion showdown!! And in the main event, the charismatic king of both camps, Arata and YUE, face off!! Will BWP make a complete comeback after their previous downfall!? The highest level of super divine events in history, which also announced new developments!!

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