BX-58 BWP Boxing 04 Commemorative Special Boxing Match Kayo Iwazawa vs Tsukasa Nagano


A topless female boxing match between beautiful women who fight fiercely!
As the match progresses, bruises and other injuries appear in this super heated battle of topless women's boxing! Punches strike directly, breaking hearts!!

Tsukasa Nagano
Nagano has demonstrated her value in two intense battles at BWP Boxing events. Her bold mentality of jumping into her opponent's pocket and engaging in a fight with a preparedness for damage, in addition to her high technique, is amazing! Now she has earned a position as a top fighter. She covers her small stature with speed and unleashes a barrage of punches to beat down Iwasawa mercilessly...!!

Kayo Iwasawa
A talented busty fighter who was entered into the BWP Boxing 04 event with little experience in the ring! Her style is to lure in her opponent with flashy punches rather than repeating small punches. Although this match against the clearly superior experienced fighter Tsukasa Nagano is a challenge, her wonderful attitude of confronting the fight without fear is admirable! Expectations are high for this bewitching older sister's future achievements!!

3 rounds with an interval
A cost-effective content where the match result branches out
After the practice scene, the women box topless! Sweat drips down their glistening bodies, their sexy bodies collide, and they punch each other. However, as the match progresses, injuries such as bruises are portrayed, making the fight even more spectacular! This video visualizes even more intense and fetishistic battles! The content is structured with a branching outcome for both fighters to win. Iwasawa, who shows a fight that is not inferior to Nagano's, who has undoubtedly demonstrated exciting matches so far! The serious battle between beautiful women is a must-see masterpiece for enthusiasts!! Feel the determination of these women in this seesaw game...!!

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