CWB-19 3rd Intense Battle: White Swimsuit Summit Battle THE 3RD BATTLE 05 Team Storm Final Match Hoshi Ameri vs Ayase Sakura


Who will be the strongest in the 3rd CFxFC tournament?
To become the next queen, the No.1!

As the climax of the third tournament approaches, Team Storm is once again hit by a twist as their participant changes. Hoshino Reia, who had won the second match for Team Storm, leaves CF×FC after a name change. In a secret farewell match, Ayase Sakura, who defeated Hoshino, is chosen to represent Team Storm in the finals. On the other hand, it's Hoshi Amery, who is expected to be the next ace by President Aizawa. Although Ayase falls behind in the pre-match exchange, her wrestling skills are guaranteed. Will Hoshi, who was explicitly stated to be stronger than Ayase by the President, win as expected? Or will Ayase defeat a stronger opponent like Hoshi, who is considered to be a formidable opponent after defeating Hoshino? Who will represent Team Storm?

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