BUM-07 Back Bikini Pro Wrestling MIXED7


I thought it was just regular pro wrestling, but it turns out that underground pro wrestling allows erotic attacks! The costume here is limited to bikinis! From body touches to sex, everything is counted as a legitimate wrestling move in underground pro wrestling. The match ends either by a 10-count, KO, or submission. This is a new mixed wrestling sensation where strong female wrestlers are usually overwhelmed by erotic attacks and have to adapt.

Mika Maijima, who wrapped her voluptuous body in a bikini costume, appears in bikini mixed wrestling! With no other choice but to wear this bold costume, she reluctantly enters the ring. Although she tries to end the match quickly by attacking aggressively, she falls into a disadvantage against the male wrestler’s erotic attacks! However, if she understands the rules of the game, it’s nothing to be afraid of! Starting with wrestling moves, she begins to use erotic attacks, and the match turns into a competition of who can make the other cum first! Who will win in the end, the man or the woman?

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