BCFR-03 Catfight Room 3


Wrestle to your heart's content in the catfight room!!

In a room covered by a curtain, women dressed in one-piece swimsuits glare at each other. They fight each other with pride at stake. This is the thrill of a catfight. The clash of women's pride and their physical bodies makes them shine even more! Come on, women! Tonight, assert your pride in the Catfight Room!

Without caring about their disheveled hair, they immediately turn to attack when they regain consciousness... This is the ultimate fight battle where there will be no settlement unless you give up! Gal wrestler Hime Shirayuki confronts the plump beauty wrestler Riko Takaragawa. They glare and provoke each other, then suddenly grab each other's hair and start fighting! This is the world of no mercy catfight, where they ignore rules and strangle each other! They relentlessly engage in choking attacks to crush their opponents. This mud fight seems like it will never end. Finally, Mii loses consciousness! The fight is over, with Takaragawa as the winner! However, Takaragawa's troubles are not yet over... Hinano Mii challenges her to avenge her friend! In the midst of not having fully recovered from her previous injuries and fatigue, she plunges into a stranglehold fight with Shirayuki!! What will be the outcome of this fight...!?

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