BDB-08 Battle Dojo Decisive Battle Series Women’s Boxing 8


Powerful video!! For maniacs only!
The ultimate eroticism that can only be expressed with fists is here!! The eighth installment in the boxing series! An idol-like beauty vs a fair-skinned busty beauty, with sexy bodies that glisten! Matsumura’s head explodes from a direct left hook, her consciousness slowly fading as she falls to the mat, her proud breasts shaking…! Two beautiful women dressed in the essential attire of female boxing maniacs – topless and in trunks – compete fiercely, striking each other until their eyes roll back!

It’s a must-win match since they are from the same gym! An encounter between an idol-like beauty and a fair-skinned busty beauty, which took place within the organization! The previous topless and trunks-only match was well-received, so they’ll be doing the same for this female boxing series that values not only facial beauty but also bodily beauty! This is the eighth popular series of authentic erotic female boxing!

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