BLBC-05 Lesbian Women's Boxing Colosseum 5


Assaulting "love." That is the essence of boxing!! The fists and bodies of female boxers intertwine. This is an erotic fighting arena between women... Lesbians who are aroused by fists and crotches!

Boxing entices lesbians to sexual excitement!! In the fifth installment, a sexy big-breasted beauty with an erotic body takes on another beauty with a stunning body!

In pro wrestling and lesbian fights, Seo Airi achieved the remarkable feat of defeating the famous Tachi wrestler Mizushima Alice in her debut match. With a face that's perfect for an idol and a pair of beautiful big breasts, she is a rising star to watch out for!! In this match, Seo faces off against a true lesbian, Matsune Yua!! Even in private, she's a fierce fighter who engages in intense physical interactions with other women!! In this special form of combat, an erotic lesbian battle ensues, with both women trying to bring the other to climax!! These two women have beautiful skin and bodies that will make you swoon!!

This is a lascivious coliseum. As the match progresses, the two women can't control the throbbing between their legs and they end up grappling with each other on the ring, assaulting each other until one surrenders! This is the world of fetishes!!!

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