BXEN-01 Extreme Encounter Commemorative Special Match


IF Virtual Battle, which is different from the original story, recorded in all three matches!! A festival project commemorating the Battle in-store event! Departing from the original story, we will deliver three IF virtual battles of “What if 〇〇 happened…”.

Match 1: Misaki Suzuhime vs. Miku Abe
What if Misaki Suzuhime belonged to Naked and Miku Abe belonged to Cat Pack… If the two belligerent members of the Anti-Battle League were on opposite sides… If Misaki Suzuhime unexpectedly fought topless and Miku Abe chose to wear a costume rather than friendship… A virtual story battle!!

Match 2: Nozomi Hazuki vs. Mao Ito
What if Nozomi Hazuki was still topless and Mao Ito was still wearing a costume… What if Nozomi Hazuki, who had made a comeback after a long time, joined the Naked instead of Battle and became topless again… If Mao Ito was still a member of Battle and was wreaking havoc as an Anti-Battle League Hunter…

Match 3: Runa Nishiuchi vs. Momona Shirotō
What if Runa Nishiuchi wore a sexy costume and Momona Shirotō was topless… What if the cute costume-suited Runa Nishiuchi fought in a sexy costume… If Momona Shirotō, who had never seemed likely to go topless, finally went topless… A virtual sexy showdown!!

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