CFI-09 CF x FC Fight Club Vol.9


Dream content where girls can easily experience pro wrestling, that's "FIGHT CLUB"!! However, what awaited her was...

An exciting pro wrestling experience! She fought against a tough wrestler and used her skills to achieve a magnificent victory!... Or so she thought, but her fun pro wrestling experience suddenly turned into something else!!

They thoroughly abuse the amateur woman who came to the pro wrestling experience lightly!
Ryouchan changed into a sexy bikini that made it hard to look away. She battled with a masked wrestler prepared by CF×FC. She overwhelmed the masked wrestler one after another with her skills and won easily. They thought they would just ask for her impressions of the experience and end it, but suddenly the masked wrestler stood up and attacked Ryouchan from behind! The masked wrestler thoroughly abused Ryouchan with pro wrestling techniques without giving her a chance to be surprised by the sudden attack. This wrestler was actually a man who had a desire to hurt women with pro wrestling techniques! The wrestler, whose desires had become uncontrollable, relentlessly attacked Ryouchan with despicable techniques like choking her with ropes and his big hands. Will Ryouchan, who came to enjoy herself, be able to return safely from FIGHT CLUB...?

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