SJBT-03 Women's Boxing Battle Vol. 03 BATTLE Suzuya Ichigo vs SSS Tamaki Narumi


The Warring States Era of Women's Boxing!

Intense battles in women's boxing!! History is being made...!!

Cross-promotional matches beyond organizations have finally arrived on the SSS mat, with the industry leader "BATTLE" making an appearance! And not only that, the star player currently in the spotlight, Ichigo Suzuya, shows up with a serious attitude! SSS also sends their top player, Narumi Tamaki, who carries the banner of the organization despite being a newcomer, to face her! Both fighters exchange punches to the face, crawling on the mat while biting down on their mouthguards and rolling their eyes in the midst of a fierce boxing match! Women's boxing is heating up now! The industry has overcome a long period of decline and is entering a new phase!

This is a match-up between two talented fighters with hot-blooded passion!! The fact that Ichigo Suzuya, who is now a household name in the world of professional wrestling, has joined SSS shows how serious BATTLE is about this. Naturally, we at SSS must also fight back with full force! We sent newcomer Tamaki, who has shown great potential, to the ring. Tamaki uses her heavy punches from her proud bust to attack, while Suzuya uses her petite size and speedy, bouncy punches to aim for a knockout! It's a clash of abilities and charisma between two talented fighters in a cross-promotional match!

This DVD includes various camera angles, fast-paced cuts, and intense down scenes, as well as individual training sessions by the fighters. It's a great value with plenty of highlights!

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